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2014 Wandering Michigan Tour:
DAY 1:
Today, we are packing and getting ready to embark on our first ever, "Wandering Tour" to MICHIGAN! We'll be commenting, uploading pictures and video and keeping ya'll updated as we travel along East coast of Lake Michigan! Stay tuned for our Day 1 travel entry coming soon!

DAY 2: Today, we dedicate our travels to Chad and Brandon of Cedar Springs Tire in Michigan. These guys literally saved our tour and were incredibly awesome doing it. They gave us an AMAZING deal on tires and fixed our break-line. We literally cannot say enough great things about them. Just thank you, thank you and thank you again. Now we are back on the road and headed to Traverse City where we will stop by WNMC Radio 90.7. We'll be talking about our tour and our show at Inside Out Gallery. We go on at 5:00 local time. Then, we are heading over to the Inside Out Gallery in Traverse CIty for a show from 8-10. Hope to see you all there!! Pictures below. Don't know that we'll get video today. The downtime made it tough to charge our devices. We'll see what we can do though!

Did we say what cool dudes Brandon and Chad are yet? Well they are. Basically, anybody who needs tires should just drive over to Cedar Springs, Michigan. Who cares if you're across the country? Do it!

DAY 3: After a decent sleep AND sleeping in way too late, we're headed to the Holland Michigan Farmers Market. Collin, Austin and Ben love that place and met some great folks the last time they went busking there, so we can't wait to get on the streets and check out some fresh veggies! Then, we're hopefully heading over to WYCE, Grand Rapids for a quick interview about the next couple of shows on our Wandering Michigan tour. Then, it's off to Muskegon for our show at Unruly Brewing at 6:00. Cannot wait for that one! We'll start posting some pictures and videos once we've had some coffee :-)

DAY 4: Unruly Brewing was so great. They fed us well and Luke was an awesome host. So many great people came out to welcome us in to town and see our set. What a blast. Today, we're going to try and relax a bit and get in some beach time. Then it's off to Ludington and the Mitten Bar! Can't wait for this one. More pictures coming soon.

DAY 5 Friday, August 15th. Last night at The Mitten was awesome. Mark Sturr, who put the show together (and also runs the Mitten stage at Hoxeyville Fest) was just so great. They fed us well and treated us even better. The crowd was the nicest bunch of people too! We definitely will be back. Also, thanks to Ludington Live Local Musicians for the video of us playing a few more tunes with the crowd after the show. I guess John and Ben didn't get enough music in and headed over to a Karaoke bar after the show. Then, we spent the night in a Walmart parking lot. (In our bus, of course.) Today it's breakfast in Ludington and then heading to Holland again where we'll be playing the Park Theatre with our friends Under the Willow and Brother Adams. Can't wait. Also, word on the street is that we've got Grandparents from IL bringing us homebaked chocolate chip cookies!

DAY 6 Friday, August 16th. The Park Theatre was fantastic. Thanks so much to the awesome band, Under the Willow (who you all need to check out) and Brother Adams (also great) for helping support the show. What a great time. So today is the day! We're heading over to the beautiful Manistee National Forest for Hoxeyville. We literally could not be more stoked for this show. When we submitted to them 3 months ago, they had already picked their line-up and were closed. Kristen, who runs the fest got our email, listed to our NPR story about brothers, Ben and Collin and wrote back to us very touched. I think she also kind of liked our music because she made a last minute spot for us on the bill. Not only that, but she helped us route several of the shows on our tour. So I guess what we're saying is that today's show (1:15 on the Mitten Stage) is really special to us. Not to mention that there are so many great bands playing the show. We look forward to camping with and jamming with them later tonight. Pictures will be posted tomorrow! Have a great day, everybody!

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